We obtained information away from my mechanic regarding the chat and you can lifter affairs

We obtained information away from my mechanic regarding the chat and you can lifter affairs

  • Automated indication
  • 128,848 kilometers

Dodge would not even consult with me until I grabbed they to a beneficial Dodge broker therefore i did

The guy informed me in the a nationwide right back-buy which was informed so you can him because of the Dodge. This service membership technical grabbed my information and you may told you I would personally end up being to telephone call Dodge once again also to keep them in reality get in touch with your. Ian in the “Dodge Customer support” wasn’t really, really perfect down rude so you can each other me and the technical in the dealership to simply let us know these people were perhaps not heading doing some thing as “There are not any problems for the their computers” also to Vow I could manage to fix-it however, to give thanks to me if you are a dedicated Dodge buyers.

I understand discover difficulties with one to system, especially having cops Chargers however, 128,000 miles with the a premium utilized truck that we paid good superior speed having should be able to promote me personally a premium yields. There is something wrong with this German-made 5.eight.

Upgrade regarding : Started out as the a tube 4 misfire. I altered the brand new coil package and you may spark plug. After that visited cylinder step 3 misfire, then numerous therefore i changed the coil packages and spark plugs and it ran so rough it absolutely was absurd! Some thing more 3000 rpms otherwise it being required to remove, shook like hell. I’ve had half a dozen Dodges but after that it can be the fresh new past.

1500 Laramie Longhorn 5.7L V8

  • Automatic alert
  • 93,597 miles

It become having an excellent ticking seem like a sewing-machine. The newest promise on truck had currently go out and l never really appreciated providing my vehicle towards the service dealership such as a pain on the ass. Need to make a scheduled appointment and you can loose time waiting for weeks to get the new truck on the shop. Thus i ask my good friend who owns a human anatomy store exactly who I am able to believe with my vehicle in which he explained Most of the Expert Automobile and Kennesaw Georgia. I checked user reviews towards shop and you can stating that he are extremely reliable. I took they to your and instantaneously the guy realized exactly what the state was there is certainly no I it could be it otherwise it might be one to. He told me I’d a folded lifter into the #6 cylinder he and additionally told me which i got busted manifold screws and you may each party one secure the heat safeguards to the. The guy together with said that it’s likely that the fresh new camshaft features started eat up which he might enhance the brand new broken bolts towards the manifold he’d so you’re able to exercise this new bond keeps on the the new thoughts into the each party. And so i left the newest vehicle to you 2 days later on he got they repaired.

Said however need certainly to acquisition the latest lifters regarding front nonetheless they have been into the right back order and you can what type probably an effective month to discover the lifters. Immediately after 14 days he eventually got happy and you will had a hold of a few lifters got my personal truck back and put the new lifters on the traveler front side. He replaced him or her in one day and I shall capture my personal truck back up seemed higher ran smooth since the silk and i also provides my Hemi horsepower back to typical.

Then , six months after truck started powering rough sluggish very crude Lee and you will won’t speed. See engine light came towards and you will provided it error code off p1416 # 6 tube misfire. You’ll dilemmas crappy MDS solenoid, bad ignition coil, low oils pressure inside amount Tube 6, bad crankshaft detector or camshaft sensor. They certainly were conditions that I can solve me thus i changed the fresh new ignition coil not the trouble plus alter the crankshaft detector additionally the camshaft sensor perhaps not the problem.

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